Top 20 Awakened Teacher Videos Online

These videos are carefully selected to be some of the very best content available online, from talks, satsangs and interviews with genuine awakened teachers.  Together they provide over 4½ hours of consciousness-raising and meditative viewing.

Many of these teachers will be sharing their presence and insights live at The Gathering — please join us there!


#20:  Adyashanti — Getting Beyond Ego

"It's possible to come to see that the only way to get out of the dream state, the trap, of egoic consciousness, is to allow it to be as it is, completely."


#19:  Byron Katie — Prison of the Mind

Byron Katie visits a prison and works with one of the inmates on his thoughts about his daughter.


#18:  Tyohar — Bliss is the Sense of Being Whole

The self cannot experience bliss – its very nature is fragmentary.  We have a desire to be separate and at the same time we have the longing to be one with the whole.


#17:  Andrew Cohen — Being and Becoming

Andrew Cohen's teachings combine the timeless ground of being with the forward movement of creation.


#16:  Margot Ridler — The Difference Between Awake and Not-Awake

It's a whole other way of being, if you are crawling you cannot perceive what this state is like.


#15:  Paul Hedderman — The Lion and The Sheep

"This is what I think hearing the message can do: it doesn't do anything, its just a realization that what you have been holding yourself to be in mind may not be that."


#14:  Neelam — Human Conditioning

"OKness is our nature — and when I say OKness, I don't mean some imaginary state of being OK with everything.  I mean a real deep recognition that everything arises here just the way it is."


#13:  Nick Gancitano — Why Self-Inquiry?

The difference between self-inquiry and more traditional forms of meditation.


#12:  Isaac Shapiro — Making Your Happiness Depend on Others

"Everytime you're upset with someone, you're putting them in charge of your happiness."


#11:  Katie Davis — Awake Joy

"Enlightenment is always and forever here, it's who you are — and in fact that is the only essential question, is who are you really, right now?"


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