Terms and Conditions

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Terms of Participation in The Gathering

Ticket purchases for The Gathering are sold on a "pay what you can afford" basis.In order to attend The Gathering, there are some specific guidelines that you are expected to honour:

  • You will need to be physically and mentally prepared for 7 days and evenings of rigorous spiritual exercises.  You will always have the freedom to take breaks as needed, however the purpose of your being here is to be in totality, and to dive in and wake up.  We encourage you to be sincerely ready to participate fully, as much as you are able, to transcend your self and make the leap into a new level of consciousness.

  • The intention of The Gathering is to give you the best possible opportunity for self-realization, and every aspect of the event is designed to support that.  So we are making the event free from drugs and alcohol, and we request that you avoid the use of scents and perfumes.  While it is not absolutely required, we also invite you to take part without smoking, sugar, caffeine, or electronic devices, any of which may detract from your experience here.

  • Ticket holders will be provided with a list of recommended items to bring, and only those items will be permitted on-site.  Drugs and alcohol will not be permitted.  All attendees will be subject to a careful security screening on arrival.
  • You are requested to follow your meditation and yoga practice, and/or practise our recommended meditations, as intensively and for as long as possible before the event.

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Code of Conduct

The environment at The Gathering is one of deep trust, acceptance and oneness, in which everyone must be able to feel complete safety in allowing ourselves to dissolve into a state of absolute surrender.  You are expected to uphold the highest standards of respect towards the other participants and the event.  Specifically:

  • Respect others and their process, and avoid entering others' personal space or unnecessarily attracting their attention in any way.
  • The Gathering is a place for participation, not observation.  You are free to choose whether or not to join each meditation and activity, however the intention is for you to allow yourself to flow choicelessly in the stream of events as they unfold.
  • No forms of violence will be tolerated, whether physical, emotional, or energetic.  If you are going through challenges, support will be provided to work through them in a healthy way.
  • Please give the utmost respect to the awakened teachers.  Avoid approaching them, speaking with them, or any physical contact, unless those are initiated by them.  Please also be equally respectful of the musicians and support staff.
  • In general, you are asked to remain in silence unless an activity calls for verbal expression.  This will help to prevent the engagement of the mind, and will allow you to maintain a heightened perspective of awareness.
  • It is requested that you minimize any coming-and-going from The Gathering, so that we can maintain the high-vibrational energy that will build over the course of the event.  Chill-out areas will be provided, for whenever you need a break or some personal space.
  • It is your responsibility to remain stable and maintain your own sense of grounding.  There will be support to help you if you start to fall out of balance – it is one of the recognized risks of this type of work – however if at any time we feel that you have become unstable enough for it not to be in your best interest to continue at The Gathering, we may choose to bring you to an outside care facility for the remainder of the event.

Violations of the Code of Conduct may result in your ejection from The Gathering, at the sole discretion of our security team, with no refunds and no chance of re-entry.  Please maintain the highest levels of respect, compassion and behaviour at all times.

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Refund Policy

If something changes and you are unfortunately no longer able to join us at The Gathering, we offer you the option of receiving a refund on your ticket.

  • Tickets cancelled by May 31, 2012 are fully refundable, minus a 10% administration fee and any payment processing fees.
  • Tickets cancelled after May 31, 2012 are fully refundable, minus a 25% administration fee and any payment processing fees.
  • Tickets become non-refundable after July 15, 2012.

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Video Release

The Gathering will be broadcast live, and recorded for future video production and publication.  As a participant, it is possible that you may appear in the video transmissions and recordings of the event.

The rights to all video, image and sound recordings made at the event are retained by ZOXON International Spiritual Federation, Inc.  By participating in The Gathering, you release us from liability in the use and sale of these recordings.

If you specifically wish your likeness to be excluded from video production and publication after the event, you may let us know in writing, and we will do our best to ensure that you do not appear in any future video productions.  In the absence of such a written request, your model release is inferred.  Due to the nature of the event, we cannot offer exclusions from the live broadcast.

All video and audio footage will be edited and broadcast with the utmost respect to everyone present at the event.

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