Michael Beckwith at The Gathering

Rev. Michael Beckwith is perhaps best known for his appearance in the movie, “The Secret,” as well as being the founder and spiritual leader of the Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, California.

Michael Beckwith will share his presence and teachings at The GatheringWith over 9,000 local members, and a global community of over a million friends, Agape has widely shared Michael Beckwith's vision of creating a “heart of love” through his weekly services, which are webcast live all over the world.

Dr. Beckwith is a sought-after meditation teacher, and facilitates conferences and seminars on the Life Visioning Process, which he originated.  He is the author of the national bestseller Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential, as well as Inspirations of the Heart, Forty Day Mind Fast-Soul Feast, and A Manifesto of Peace.

He has appeared on The Oprah Show, Larry King Live, and is a featured teacher in the book and film The Secret.  He is also featured in the following films:  The Moses Code, Pass It On, and Living Luminaries, as well as in a documentary of his own life, Spiritual Liberation.

“When I founded the Agape International Spiritual Center and community in 1986, we “visioned” it as a movement that would take a stand for love, for peace, for being a beneficial presence on the planet.  That’s why it was named “Agape,” which in Greek means unconditional love.  Agape’s vision is fueled by the love of God, the One, indefinable yet unmistakable Presence whose vehicle on earth is the human heart and soul.  My aspiration is that every individual who is touched by the vibration of Agape is inspired to cultivate a heart of love as wide as the world.”



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