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Know Thyself - Becoming An Enlightened Being

If I were to give the analogy that my left arm represented my human beingness and my body represented my full all-encompassing beingness, then I could say that my left arm was aware of itself while also being fully conscious and aware of my entire body.  My left arm (Ornesha) knows what it is and does what it needs to do while the rest of my body (fully conscious being) simultaneously does what it needs to do.  Then hopefully we both function and learn to work together in synchronicity as one complete unit.

As to that analogy, while I’ve been going through my days, carrying on with tasks,Photo by Garland Cannon, enlightenment, illusion, 2012, ascension, meditation sleeping, eating and living, I am quite conscious of a much “bigger” part of me that exists within a continual meditation and has a whole life of its own.  

If you will remember there was a “cave” that I had found myself in that represented the deepest core of me and one in which I lingered for some time in the seeming darkness.  When I came out of the cave and went through the door into the next room, it was much different than it had been in the cave.  This room was so filled with light.  At first there was a bright white soft and pillowy light that I seemed to move around in.  I fought the transition while I was in this place.  I wanted to go back through the door to gather up someone whom I love, but the door that I had come through was no longer there.  It was gone. » Read more

The Physical Body Moving From Dense Matter To Light Within One Lifetime

The physical body is the most dense form of matter that you will experience throughout your journeys as the essence being that you are.  It is where your energy coalesces into a physical aspect of your consciousness and holds form.  The form is not solid but appears to be and is attached to time so it evolves very slowly (or, at the rate of the growth of consciousness as the two are intertwined) without appearing to change or upset the evolutionary applecart.

The rate of the growth in consciousness has been a slow and steady one and you’vePhoto by Euthman, DNA, enlightenment, ascension, releasing core fears, meditation probably spent many lifetimes gathering up all sorts of karmic holdings while at the same time experiencing and learning along with humanity.  Over and over you’ve been born into a physical body, learning a couple of “life lessons” along the way and passing from the body only to be magnetically drawn to head right straight back down the birth tunnel again and to another physical expression of self.

Your consciousness always accompanies you because it is held securely in your DNA and will ensure that you get every chance possible to experience knowing self.  By having markers exist within your DNA, you are given choice points though which you can either evolve quickly or succumb to the holding or karma keeping the marker in place for the next go round. » Read more

Would You Like This Lifetime To Be Your Time Of Enlightenment?

I’ve, in the past, looked at and evaluated the specifics of my life as if they were individual packets of energy held inside of me that needed deciphering and releasing.  I did this so that I would simply have one less thing in-between me and what I desired…a clear vessel for this lifetime on this planet.

Each packet of energy that I had delved into was located by easily following myPhoto by Wonderlane, enlightenment, affordable retreat, meditation, yoga, spiritual retreat, 2012 emotions back to exactly where I felt them in my body and observing exactly how they made me feel.  I then took each one, acknowledged them, loved them and released them.  And then with each release, my perception naturally widened and my existence became a little clearer.  Looking back, it almost sounds too simple.  There isn’t a million-dollar industry around this practice…thank god…and it isn’t an outcropping of a religious or spiritual tradition but then oddly fits within them all.

From what I have learned by observation, the vast majority of religious and spiritual practices have been “handed down” in an attempt to, in one way or another, enlighten (or in some instances entangle) those who have read and followed their words.  But the funny thing is that there have been billions of souls reading this material for thousands of years and yet there are not billions of enlightened individuals walking about.  » Read more

Do I Blame Or Do I Balance?

Isn’t it funny how we want to blame someone or something if things don’t go the way we anticipated or hoped for?  When our expectations aren’t met, what’s the first thing we do?  We look for a culprit in our environment.  Why?  Because we have been taught to live in, and respond and react to this outside environment called our world.  We have learned to trust what the outside is telling us more than what is taking place on the inside.

The outside of us is one big giant mirror in the form of people, places and things thatPhoto by Muffet, clarity, balance, karma, meditation, self-awareness, enlightenment reflect back to us exactly what we believe whether conscious of those beliefs or not.  What we hold inside, we have been holding in order to bring those people, places and things to us to get us here to this place.  And now, this lifetime is the culmination of those experiences which we are seeing through our beliefs.  

For example, if someone you care for were to walk up to you and say something like, “You’re stupid” or basically, “You’re not worthy”, it would probably hurt your feelings or cause you to mount a strike back in the defense of your worth.  In this however, you will be believing in something outside of yourself and making yourself a victim to your environment.  You will not at all be seeing what you’re really showing yourself. » Read more

The Portal To The Soul

This cave, in a big way, represented my heart.  I realize that I had to sit inside my own heart not only in the darkness of the unknown, but also in the forgetfulness of my own history.  The history of the soul is forever recorded, I see, through the imprints of past experiences that remain as energetic recorded history lifetime after lifetime transferred through genetic lineages and karmic patterns.  And it is up to each of us individually to unplug ourselves enough from this illusional life to witness ourselves through the portal of the heart because there is no other place where our truth will be found.  There is only access through the heart.

The truth, then when unclouded and unfiltered, can both show us where the heldPhoto by Dick Tay 2000, enlightenment, karma, illusion, self-awareness, meditation bondages of our soul are and then set us free from them once they are clearly witnessed and released.   With the final release of these energetic holdings we are no longer bound, as a soul, to continually revisit the same experiences in a different manner through karma.  There is no need because the energy that drew the experience back over and over to us for learning is no longer there.

And then life gets interesting again.  Every single time something within gets cleared and new truth is uncovered, there surely will be a reflective change in something on the outside and in the immediate environment.  For me personally, a resignation from my long-held executive position in a company that I love was in order.  Talk about an unbelievably uncomfortable experience, mostly because I have felt so comfortable there and see the beauty and importance of what is accomplished with clean energy technologies.  » Read more

And Into The Light

Over the past 3 days a large portion of the pretty little rug that made up my old world and (what I thought were) priorities, was swept clean out from under me.  Now as I sit here taking an in-breath and stock of all that has occurred, I can say with certainty, that it has been painful.  But also, and most importantly, I can also say that just past the shock of sudden change is an inconspicuous place…a room that is soft, gentle, clear and filled with the kindness of a loving kiss upon my cheek.

I’ll explain this later, but for now, let’s go back to the cave.  I returned there several Photo by Brandon the Mandon, illumination, light, ascension, enlightenmenttimes over a couple of day’s time.  I’d close my eyes and be in it, each time starting off in darkness and having to gently guide myself to the allowance of my own light inside. 

The scuffling noises that I’d heard, of course, showed up again and gave me an insight that is still playing over and over again like a mini movie in my head.  There inside this cave and to my left, were about 10 people, crouched down low and holding on to one another’s shoulders, all slowly moving in the same direction in the cave together.  The majority didn’t have flashlights themselves, so were huddled up close to each other with one gentleman who was out in front with a flashlight leading the way, but still crouched down like the rest.  » Read more

Self First

Doesn’t that sound selfish?  Putting yourself before everything else in your busy life?  What if you wake up one morning and feel emotionally or physically drained, but get dressed and make yourself go to that important widget meeting anyway? 

I’m a fairly active participant in the corporate world and can tell you that I use to, morePhoto by The Cleveland Kid, rest, meditation, breath, observation, spiritual enlightenment, ascension, awakening often than not, get to the damn meeting regardless of what I knew was best for my body and my awakened role in the ascension process.   It’s not easy to place self first when so many things are very important all at one time.  Plus add to that the fact that we are set up for our internal working gears to be totally aligned with time and schedules, mental processing and the outer world, keeping our attention directly on the illusion and safely off of enlightenment.   But if we try to pull away from the illusion, the failsafe mechanisms built within it tend to always bring us back.  They do this through mentally igniting our feelings of guilt, for example, or even fear of lack, which then sends us straight into victimhood and drudgery…back into the safe and known illusion.

When we wake up in the morning and don’t FEEL like doing what we normally do, it is an important signpost for us to listen to.  The reason for the feeling may be evident in the form of a cold or digestive issue or exhaustedness, or we may be completely mentally ignorant to the reason, but regardless that all important feeling is there for a reason. » Read more

The Light At The End Of The Tunnel

Cleansing is happening.  It is taking place on so many levels, physical, mental, emotional, environmental…that it’s easy to get caught up in the heat of it and forget to step aside and observe the unfolding of this transformational timeframe from a larger standpoint.  

The “why me?” questions that cry out when life is suddenly turned sideways, the sadness that is easy to step into when another is in so much sheer pain, or even the guilt for remaining unscathed when your neighbor just lost everything.

This is a strange time of people both needing to be together, connected and supported and at the same time singular, independent and self-aware.  It would be safe to say that a balancing act is being performed by us, then, as there is a need for humanity to reach out and support each other through this transition, but also and, equally as important, a need to stay centered and pay deep attention to self no matter what is happening in your life and in the world. » Read more

The Doorway To Enlightenment Is Open

The pace is continuing to quicken bringing the greatest potential for processing through old, stuck emotions.  The opportunity to let go of the patterns that have been determining how you feel and what you experience is fully here creating a wide doorway for you to walk through should you choose. 

Photo by Gail - The Pink Peppercorn, Enlightenment, healing, spiritual awakeningAs things move faster, there is less and less “time” in-between the mental, emotional and physical upheavals and clearings to adjust and get comfortable with the newly emerging you.  The next thing you know, something else comes up from deep inside sending you right back in to the spin cycle once again.  If you are not giving yourself the time and space to pay attention to this, it might feel like your world is coming apart at the seams and becoming increasingly more difficult to deal with.

If this is so, do not be hard on yourself.  Remember, we’re literally programmed to move forward without giving the heart its due input.   We’ve been doing this by primarily using our minds up to this point.  The mind stores the information, adheres strictly to time-lines, holds attachments to how it thinks things should go and compares itself to others and their paths.  The heart does not do this…ever.  » Read more

Don't Be Afraid To Let Go

Liberating and freeing ourselves from old stuck beliefs that limit our perception should be enjoyable.  It’s what happens with our enlightenment.  When thinking about freeing the self from past human limitations, a sense of awe engulfs us, or maybe our imaginations immediately grow wings so we can fly and release ourselves from the gravity and density of the world.  It’s a good feeling to have and definitely one that all of us will increasingly be becoming aware of little by little, day by day.   It sounds good, feels good and truly is good. 

Photo by Arturo Donate - releasing, cleaning, spiritual enlightenmentBut wait…as good as enlightenment sounds, we also have these minds of ours that operate on structure, logic, time, space, input and storage.  Storage is a big part of the mind’s duties, holding all of the input to continually build and evolve itself.  The mind is simply extraordinary for the remarkable abilities it possesses.

Its abilities are built-in fail safe self-preservation mechanisms that spark when we’re in the process of trying to release stored and stuck energies from the self.  Therefore, when we’d like to release something, the fail safe button in the mind is triggered to defend.  So this is what makes this process so often incredibly un-enjoyable.  The mind doesn’t know how to do anything else than what it knows, and doesn’t know anything beyond what it has experienced.  It doesn’t want to release what it has stored so it will fight. » Read more

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