A Tip For Accelerated Growth

Even though there are overall underlying similarities to each person’s journey toward self-awakening, the path is very much an individual one.   In other words, we as humanity are all present at this time in history on this planet and so we are all evolving.  How and to what extent each of us evolves however, is completely up to us and our own willingness to let go of the old, lower and limiting beliefs and allow the new and higher aspects of us to integrate and be utilized.

If we, for example, release a limiting belief about ourselves, there will be a spacePhoto by Swami Stream, enlightenment, clarity, awareness, peace created within us that is energetically clear where that old belief used to exist.   It will be there and await our own, true input that comes as a result of the release of a past false belief and will fill it in a new way.  If, however, that space isn’t actively utilized in a new way by us it will simply refill itself once again and out of habit with the old ways.

Say you have a limiting and false belief telling you that you’re not worthy enough to receive your heart’s deepest desires.   (And I say your “heart’s” deepest desires because our mind’s desires are often far too limited and stuck in the ego.)   Maybe one of your heart’s deepest desires is for true inner peace. ..a peace that is unshakable and prevails through any storm, physical, emotional or environmental regardless of its intensity.

Your heart’s desire is for inner peace and your heart is very intelligent because it already knows your inner desires and can see the best way for you to attain them.  Therefore, you will then show yourself all of the reasons why you are not feeling inner peace.   So then let’s say that you become aware that you are now showing yourself all of these reasons and you begin watching for and becoming aware of the times during your day when your inner peace is threatened.   Then, being aware, you take one of these situations and consciously step aside of it, observe it, love it and watch with your breath as it is released from you.   

Releasing old belief is actually the simple part btw, and so now the real work begins.  You have created a space within you that is free and clear, maybe for the first time in not only your physical life, but in your entire lineage.  This space isn’t dualistic with the qualities of good/bad, right/wrong, health/suffering.  It really, is like a newborn with a clean karmic slate and so it needs to be treated in such a way.   It will respond then perfectly to non-dualistic thoughts and actions from you. 

So now let’s say the next day shows up and something occurs that would threaten your inner peace.  You will have an opportunity, right there, to respond differently to it than you did yesterday.  You will have that inner space available to you and for you to utilize.  So here you have a choice.  Do you go to that space and view the occurrence from there?   Do you take a breath and see that this next occurrence showed up perfectly for you and that you are simply asking yourself if you are strong enough to go back to that clear space?  Or, do you stay in the zone of comfort and react to the situation from the mind once again and forget about the space that was made available for you?

This process is a very interactive one and requires the participant to consciously utilize inner wisdom in order to expand further.   If you utilize the space that you just created to move forward from you will have a very different result than if you react from past beliefs and limits.  Because you have released a portion of that belief and a space is cleared, you will see things slightly differently and the outcome will be more in balance with the new place you have created within.

It is, in a way, like a mooring that you have created inside for you to anchor to in order to move forward.  Each time you return to a new internal mooring, it is validated and grows in its own strength making it easier each time to return.   And this is what changes the reality around you.  It changes as a result of you as you clear your held beliefs that created your past lives so you can move ahead more efficiently and from a new center.

Have a wonderful time with this and My Heart is One with Yours,




My idea of accelerated growth is positive thoughts and energy..Divine wisdom always helps us to choose prior  path.Healthy food habits,yoga..exercise also helps to feel calm and relax.