Conversations With Avant-Garde Sages

Conversations with Avant-Garde Sages hosts a 1½-hour live webcast every Sunday.
Join our exclusive series of live webcasts with awakened teachers — a new guest each week!  Every Sunday, another awakened teacher shares Truth in their own unique way, flavoured by each of their unique backgrounds, lineage and experience, and yet all pointing to the same universal understanding.

The webcast start time is:

2pm EDT  /  11am PDT  /  6pm GMT
every Sunday.

Please come to this page 5 - 10 minutes before the start time to view the webcast.  It is recommended that you bookmark this page to make it easy to return.  If the webcast link is not visible at the time of the webcast, refresh the page in a minute or two and it will appear.

This 1½-hour video webcast will share with you a taste of satsang, and offer you conscious guidance to help you along your path toward awakening.  You will also be able to comment, ask questions and share your feelings via live web chat.  If you are available to appear on webcam, you may also be invited to join on video for a live discussion.  Please read the "Important Notes" below if you would like to appear on video.

This Week’s Very Special Guest

Nick Gancitano will be sharing live satsang on our Sunday webcast.Nick Gancitano transitioned into teaching yoga and meditation after a career in sports and teaching. After discovering Self-Inquiry, he experienced a profound shift and sought the direction of various conscious teachers, including Ramana Maharshi's lineage, who then guided Nick to share Self-Inquiry in the West.

“When seeking ends, you become liquid and the whole universe flows in you. Then the I, or pure unconditioned consciousness, is all there is. It is immovable, still. This motionless I-consciousness is the screen through which the mind’s drama unfolds. The world of things is a vapor in that consciousness, which feels steady as a boulder. This effortless witnessing is meditation, it is God. It is You.”

This 1½-hour webcast, part of our ongoing weekly series, will give you a little taste of what will be happening at The Gathering.  It will help you live in increased freedom, joy and love…

…and hopefully give you an experience of the deep inner calm and bliss of enlightened consciousness.


A few important notes:

If you'd like to have the opportunity to appear on video, here is what you'll need:

  1. a headset or headphones, otherwise we get a bad echo effect.
  2. your operating system fully updated, and the latest version of Flash.  You can check your Flash version here and if it is not the latest one, you can update it here.
  3. a fast Internet connection.  Most wireless connections don't seem to work well with our webcast software.
  4. close all other programs that may access your webcam, especially Skype.

Also please remember to keep your questions and sharings as genuine as possible – the more open and "real" you are, the better this opportunity will be for you to open to yourself.

Thank you and see you then!