The Gathering is a spiritual Woodstock that brings together awakened teachers from all of the world’s traditions.

The Gathering has been cancelled.



Dear Friends,

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the news that The Gathering has been cancelled.  Our marketing and promotion efforts were reaching a point of diminishing returns, without bringing in anywhere near enough ticket sales to make the event viable.  So the decision has been made to cease operations.

The Gathering was a cherished vision, and I accept that the universe has affirmed it not to be in alignment with what wants to happen at this time. 

There are many wonderful sharings of truth happening in the world.  If you were able to connect and resonate with any of the facilitators who were scheduled to be at The Gathering, then I am grateful for that.  None of them were involved in the running of The Gathering.

I have also recently become aware of an event in North Carolina, USA, called the Onederful Gathering, which is free and has 40 years of history behind it.  You may like to check it out.

I offer you my sincere apologies, and wish you every blessing.

Arvana Robinson
ZOXON International